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Protect Your Home with Corrective Roofing Maintenance in New Orleans

Although roofs are ‘built to last’ – that doesn’t mean they’re invincible!

Even New Orleans’ most durable roofs require maintenance and roofing repairs throughout the year, not just in the rainy season!

Several factors out of your control can be responsible for damage to your home, requiring residential roof corrective measures.

If your roof is damaged, it’s best to contact the experts.

Find here the breakdown of the most common problems you’re likely to encounter as a result of the New Orleans climate and the corrective maintenance steps we employ to solve the issue in record time!

What Are Some Of The Most
Common Reasons For A Leaky Roof?

Corrective Roofing Maintenance by Lone Wolf RenovationsKnowing a leak exists is one thing…

Finding the source of the leak and patching the problem is something else entirely!

While the first sign of a leak that you notice is just a drip from the ceiling, water may have escaped elsewhere in your home and already caused irreversible damage!

A roof leak can escalate from a minor nuisance to a costly and destructive problem VERY quickly if left unaddressed.

That’s why it’s crucial to spot the warning signs as soon as possible and take the right corrective maintenance procedures to address the cause of your home’s leak! We know from experience that identifying a leak’s location is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

So here’s our list of the most common reasons for a leaky roof and the types of corrective measures we can use to solve the issue.

Damaged Flashing

Flashings are the parts of your roof that seal and protect vulnerable sections from water ingress (and unwanted pests!) 

However, over time, flashing can become cracked and damaged, which provides the perfect place for leaks to begin and cause more serious damage.

This flashing damage can occur through:

  • Wear and tear
  • Fluctuating temperatures
  • Impact from hail
  • Or simply fixings falling loose

Some of the key areas to keep an eye on for flashing damage include your skylight and chimneys, and we recommend inspecting them and your roof several times a year.

Luckily, replacing your flashing with Lone Wolf Renovations won’t break the bank.

Broken Or Missing Shingles

One of the most obvious signs of a leaky roof is missing/broken roof tiles or shingles. Of course, the reason behind missing/broken tiles or shingles could be a number of things.

Falling objects such as trees can easily damage or dislodge even the sturdiest of tiles. Equally, even hailstones can cause chips or cracks in your roof shingles. However, you may find that the shingles are intact but have been incorrectly installed by a contractor!

Luckily, spotting damaged or missing tiles is very easy by climbing up a ladder – or you could even see tiles on your lawn after stormy weather.

Broken tiles can easily be replaced by yourself. However, if the membranes underneath have suffered from water damage – then these will need to be replaced by a roofing corrective maintenance expert.

Clogged Or Broken Gutters

Just as human arteries carry blood away from the heart, a well-functioning gutter system carries water away from your home.

However, much like human blood vessels, if your gutters clog, they’ll cease to function correctly.

And may even leak…

This dramatically increases your risk of pooling water on the roof, which can cause serious problems.

A few steps up a ladder should help you identify clogs in your gutter, such as leaves, twigs, and other debris, which will stop water flow through the downspout.

This kind of clog may be easy to clear in theory…

But the potential damage is more tricky to deal with…

So call the specialists!

How Long After I Find A Leak
Should I Call A Roofing Company?

Even if you think your leak isn’t serious, it isn’t going to get better on its own!

The longer you ignore a leak, the more likely your home will end up seriously damaged – and you end up with a serious repair bill on your hands.

No matter the cause (if you can identify it on your own), it’s time to call the professionals immediately.

That’s us!

It’s always better to get a leak fixed the right way than attempt to do it yourself and make the problem worse.

Trust us – you’ll only risk doing more damage and having a BIGGER bill slapped on your hand after you’ve dealt with all the relevant contractors!

Does Fixing A Roof Add Value To My Home?

Think about it like this: When prospective buyers view your property, what are the first things they notice?

The lawn, the windows, the walls – and the roof!

As you probably guessed, a house that protects its residents and keeps things dry has a higher value than a house that doesn’t…

But a new roof also increases a home’s curb appeal and potentially increases the sale price due to a more modern look, improved safety, and structural security.

Need A Roof Consultation?

If you don’t have a head for heights or just don’t want to go crawling up on your roof to investigate the source of a leak – we offer FREE roofing consultations!

We’ll investigate your roof from all angles, including the ones you can’t see from the ground.

And at the end of your consultation, you’ll receive a fair no-obligation quotation for the residential corrective roof maintenance your New Orleans home needs.

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Corrective Roofing Maintenance Needs In LA!

Roof ConsultationA leak in your roof can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your property, so getting professional guidance and a high-quality repair is essential.

At Lone Wolf Renovations, our expert team can help identify the type(s) of residential maintenance needed and provide a fair quotation for your home in New Orleans.

And if you choose to work with us: We’ll have those leaks plugged FAST!

Our effective and affordable roof maintenance solutions will keep your home structurally sound now and prevent further damage for years to come.

Protect and prolong the lifespan of your roof and home with Lone Wolf Renovation’s roofing services!

Get in touch with us today for all your roof maintenance and repair needs!

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