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The Importance of Residential Preventative Roofing Maintenance in New Orleans

Don’t Wait for A Roofing Disaster!

In the field of medicine, there’s a well-known expression:

‘Prevention is better than the cure.’

And that’s the same philosophy in the world of construction – especially when it comes to roofs!

But, like so many things, we often ignore minor problems until the point that they become MAJOR problems…

…when the solution is far less straightforward, and the costs are far higher!

For example, why wait for a major leak to come through your ceiling when you have the chance to stop it in its tracks as soon as cracks begin to appear?

Unfortunately, spotting the signs of wear and tear is slightly more difficult with a roof.

Unless you climb up a ladder and fully inspect your property, it’s often difficult to miss cracked tiles, build-up of leaves or debris, or something else entirely…

Despite the roof being one of the most important parts of any home – it’s often one of the most neglected.

Luckily, Lone Wolf Renovations are here to help.

Read on to discover how you can protect your roof for years to come, thanks to our specialist preventative maintenance advice.

When Should I Check My Roof?

Corrective Roofing Maintenance by Lone Wolf Renovations

At a bare minimum, we recommend a thorough inspection of your residential roof twice a year.

This is in addition to before and after severe weather seasons, as we are prone to have here in New Orleans! 

Whether it’s high winds, hailstones, tornados, or extreme heat, our roofs can see a lot of wear and tear over the course of a year.

That’s why it’s so important to inspect them for damage whenever it’s safe to do so.

Our Roof Preventative Maintenance Checklist

While we always recommend contacting specialist roof maintenance advisors when it comes to analyzing your residence’s roof, there’s no harm in conducting your own checks!

If you’re not afraid of the DIY approach, there are a number of checks you can conduct on your own.

Simply refer to our comprehensive roof inspection checklist to make sure you’re covering all bases!

  • Look for damaged/missing tiles and slates

Ensure no areas of your roof are completely exposed to the elements, which will almost certainly escalate any issues.

  • Check for a buildup of debris/vegetation

Debris and vegetation can block up rainwater pipes and outlets and retain moisture. This dampness and extra weight spell bad news for your roof.

  • Check your chimney for damage

Keep an eye out for loose masonry, damaged brickwork, heavy wet marks, a leaning appearance, or any irregular holes.

  • Look for leaks coming from the gutter

    A leaking gutter can cause wet rot and decay on timber fascia, window frames, or dampness to walls.
  • Look for wet patches on the inside of your home

    Note any sagging or stains on the timbers, walls, or ceiling. These marks can indicate leaks in the roof, or more serious structural problems.
  • Check for pooling water (especially if you have a flat roof)

    Pooling water on your roof generally indicates a sagging section. Since roofs are not designed to carry extra weight, further damage is likely if not taken care of.
  • Check for condensation, mold, and fungus growth

    Condensation on or around your roof can lead to fungus growth, dampness on ceilings, or wet rot decay on hidden parts of roof timbers.
  • Check for any gaps between flashings and the roof

    Flashing is often attached with nails or screws, and both of these can come loose over time. This gap will need sealing to prevent leakage and rot.
  • Look for any backed-up water in drains

If your drains are not able to clear excess water effectively and efficiently, then your roof risks water pooling, which can lead to serious damage.

  •  Check any previous repair jobs for repeat problems

If an area of your roof has been susceptible to damage in the past, this is one of the most important areas to check again during a roof inspection.

What Is Involved in Preventative Roof Maintenance?

roofer cleaning the roof

Rather than focusing on repairing your roof, preventative maintenance – as its name implies – is all about preventing problems from occurring rather than resolving them after the fact.

Preventative roof maintenance can be anything from roof cleaning to applying layers of protective coating.

Because less materials and labor are involved in applying preventative maintenance than replacing or repairing a roof, you’ll save big!

Moreover, many preventive maintenance forms are 100% tax deductible, with long-term extendable warranties available.

Our Residential Roof Maintenance Program

Most manufacturers require planned, documented roof maintenance for warranties to remain valid.

These are known as Roof Maintenance Programs (RMPs) and can save you 50%+ over a roof’s life cycle.

These are 100% tax deductible!

During an RMP, our specialist roofing experts will walk around your home – inside and out – and do visible, in-depth inspections of your roof.

Our roof inspections check everything that you need to do for the roof to be certifiably safe and repaired according to official LA guidelines.

Here’s a closer look at what’s included in our RMP:

  1. Do a full inspection of the house exterior, checking fascia and soffit
  2. Clean debris the off the roof and valleys
  3. Clean all gutters out
  4. Inspect the attic for any active leaks
  5. Inspect the drip edge and make sure it’s secure
  6. Inspect the overhang and ensure zero damage to the first course of shingles
  7. Inspect pipe jack flashings around vent pipes
  8. Check for any loose shingles or nail pops
  9. Inspect the chimney and report any cracks in stucco or bricks
  10. Inspect all flashings, wall to the roof, around the chimney, and exhaust vent flashings
  11. Reseal all penetration points, pipe jacks, flashings, and around the chimney
  12. Repaint pipe jacks and any other painted hardware

At the end of the Roof Maintenance Program, our expert team reviews all their findings with you to keep you fully in the picture.

Unlike other roof repair teams, we won’t try to bombard you with terms and vocabulary that you don’t understand!

 If any work is recommended, we’ll discuss the options available to you.

Leave It to Lone Wolf Renovations

When it comes to taking care of your roof and ensuring that your home stays warm, dry, and secure for years to come – leave it to the specialists.

No problem is too big or small for us!

Our team can help you take care of all of your preventative maintenance needs for your roof.

When 80% of all roofs are replaced prematurely, it’s more important than ever to ensure you’re not neglecting preventative maintenance.

Luckily, we’re here to help you get the maximum service life out of your residential roof for the lowest possible cost.

If you need help with preventative roofing maintenance in New Orleans…

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