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What our clients say

Bob McLean

The roofing work done by Lone Wolf Renovations was superb. In order to speed up cleanup, they set down tarps all around the home and took care not to damage any of the nearby plants. The final inspection job was done carefully and thoroughly.

Midral Hall

I recently had all my siding redone by Lone Wolf, who performed a great work. They were really professional and their understanding was calming throughout the process! Their company is definitely recommended.

Mitch Arribado

In line with what Lone Wolf Renovations’ promised, I’ve been treated with respect and professionalism. Because I’ve seen the wreckage of past siding renovations, I was concerned that the crew would leave garbage lying around after the siding installation, but I was very surprised by their cleanliness.

Wayne Harris

The siding renovation went well, and they made sure the area was secure for our family by doing a full check afterward. For any siding requirements, Lone Wolf Renovations will be our first choice siding contractor in New Orleans every time!

Hunter Bright

Since we’ve worked with Lone Wolf Renovations in the past, calling them back after the most recent storm that wrecked our roof was an easy decision. They did a quick and thorough job with removal and installation. Many of our neighbors have also remarked on how beautiful our roof is.

Sofia Ambrons

Great sales and customer service from Lone Wolf Renovations. Concerning the insurance provider and the services they offered, they collaborated with me. They provided accurate estimates and stuck to them.