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We Spend ⅓ Of Our Lives In Our Bedrooms…

Bedroom Interior Renovation Services

So why not make sure you spend that time in a room you LOVE?

A recent study showed that 73% of Americans get excited about renovating their homes, specifically their bedrooms…

But ¾ of those people put off that renovation!

Naturally, planning a bedroom renovation involves putting together a lot of components…

From brainstorming to researching, to consulting home renovation contractors and companies

And that’s without even mentioning getting the actual job done!

But don’t panic:

On this page, Lone Wolf Renovations will share why now is the ideal time to renovate your bedroom and why organizing a team to get the job done doesn’t have to be a headache.

Should You Get An Interior Designer?

It’s the question on almost everyone’s lips when they start thinking about home remodeling and bedroom renovation.

Unlike kitchens or bathrooms, there aren’t necessarily any complicated system upgrades or replacements involved.

So you most likely won’t need to hire a plumber, an electrician, or an engineer.

But what about hiring an interior designer?

Is it worth it?

In our opinion – absolutely.

If you’ve ever renovated a room in your house or know someone else who has, then you’ll know how long people can spend looking through social media, Pinterest, and other web pages…

And that’s in addition to wandering the aisles of countless home decor stores…

And even after all that searching, there’s no guarantee that you’ll settle on a new ‘look’ for your bedroom or that it will match the vibe of the rest of your home.

Big decisions like choosing a color for wallpaper, the type of closet, and the style of curtains can be incredibly overwhelming.

So the best way to ensure your new bedroom ticks all your boxes and looks great…

is with an interior renovation expert!

The interior specialists, like the ones on our team at Lone Wolf Renovations, can help you make your project a stunning, stress-free success!

From making the most of your space and finding unique storage solutions to choosing the right fabrics and adding the important personal touches…

To us, hiring an expert for your bedroom interior renovation is a no-brainer!

Our Bedroom Renovation Services

Lone Wolf Renovations offer a range of high-quality home interior services that have made us a go-to choice for bedroom renovations in LA for the past 25+ years.

we offer a tried-and-tested 4-step design and renovation process where our team of renovation specialists accompanies you from start to finish.

Bedroom Renovation Services

Our mission?

To help you create the bedroom of your dreams and an environment that helps you get consistent nights of high-quality sleep!

With Lone Wolf’s home renovation services, there are no right or wrong answers.

Every step of our process revolves around your needs, desires, and preferences…

If you’ve always wanted a certain extra-special ‘something’ about your bedroom – we can help make it a reality!

Our dedicated team is qualified in all bedroom things:

  • Bed Frame & Bedding
  • Closets & Furnishings
  • Lighting & Air Conditioning
  • Curtains & Rugs
  • Walls, Floors & Ceilings
  • Storage Solutions
  • And more!

Our Bedroom Interior Renovation Process

  1. Consultation

    No Lone Wolf home renovation starts without making a detailed plan built entirely around your unique needs and the space you have to work with.

    We want to know what you like, what you dislike, the key components of your redesign, and how we can find budget-friendly solutions to your problems.

  2. Design

    Working through your plan, we use our expert knowledge and experience to select the best products and materials for your project.

    Unlike when you try to decide on things yourself, where there are seemingly endless options to choose from, we make decision-making fast and, more importantly – fun!

  3. Pricing

    Here at Lone Wolf Renovations, we don’t believe in hidden costs or fees taking you by surprise halfway through the project.

    We make sure that your project meets your budget and that all the associated costs are declared up-front with 100% transparency.

  4. Execution

    Only when you’re completely happy with your project’s design and the renovation cost will we start work on it!

    Our professional home renovation contractors will work effectively and efficiently to ensure your new bedroom is exactly as you imagined.


How Much Does It Cost To Redo Your Bedroom?

We know that cost is the biggest factor that stops people from ultimately getting the bedroom renovation they want and deserve.

It’s why so many of us turn to the DIY approach…

…which ironically can cost more in the long run than contacting the professionals, especially when things go wrong!

With the experience of home renovation specialists on your side like Lone Wolf, renovation costs are kept under control.

Plus: remodeling your bedroom is a great way to add extra value to your home.

From our experience, renovating and remodeling an average bedroom in New Orleans will cost around $20,000 – including all 4 steps of our process and labor costs – with larger projects like attic or basement conversions costing up to $40,000.

Naturally, though, every project is different, and we’ll never give you a quote for your bedroom renovation until we’ve seen your space and heard what you want to do with it!

And it’s not just about the financial side of things:

Hiring an interior designer and a team of home renovation contractors will almost always get the work done faster and make the whole project a lot less stressful for you!

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