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Everything You Need to Know About Residential Exterior Painting Services in New Orleans

We’re taught from a young age, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover,’ but when it comes to the curb appeal of your property, this rule is almost always broken.

Your home’s exterior is the first thing that people see when they drive by or visit your home, and unfortunately when your exterior paint starts looking worse for wear…

It’s easy for your home to stand out for the wrong reasons.

But that doesn’t mean you’re destined to live with ‘house-baressment’ forever…

Lone Wolf Renovations offers residential exterior painting services that are intended to increase your home’s curb appeal while also shielding it from the weather.

Giving your exterior a new coat of paint is a quick and affordable way to give your home a new lease of life as well as strengthen your first line of defense against the elements.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure where to start!

Whether you’re looking to sell, rent, or increase the value of your home, or avoid judging eyes when you invite your in-laws over for dinner…

On this page, you’ll find information that can help you keep the exterior of your property protected from the elements and in tip-top shape.

When Should I Paint My House’s Exterior?

The answer to this question is twofold:

Signs It’s Time to Repaint Your House Exterior

  • Fading Paint

Exterior house painting- Lone Wolf renovationsThe first tell-tale sign that your residential or commercial home is in need of a lick of paint is a subtle yet noticeable fade in color. If your pearly white exterior has turned into a dismal gray, it’s time to repaint.

  • Bubbling, Peeling, or Cracked Paint

Peeling, bubbling, or cracking paint isn’t just unsightly; it leaves your home exposed to the elements, including sun, wind, rain, and snow. If imperfections are starting to creep through your exterior, it’s time to repaint.

  • Moisture Stains

Surface stains can lead to a buildup of mold and rot, resulting in costly repairs. Not to mention, affect the curb appeal and aesthetic appearance of your home. If you’re struggling to get rid of stubborn moisture stains, it’s time to repaint.

  • Your Style Has Changed

Last but not least, if, every time you pull into your driveway you think to yourself, “what was I/the previous owner thinking?” it’s time to repaint.

Best Time of Year to Paint Your Home in New Orleans

Summer and early fall usually offer up the best weather conditions, with minimal rain and minimal fluctuations in temperature from day to night. This ensures the paint goes on smoothly and has the chance to dry and cure properly.

Painting A House’s Exterior: The Steps Involved

Step 1: Paint Choice

When choosing paint for your home’s exterior, there are a number of factors to consider such as, what materials your home is made of and element exposure.

Choose the right paint, and your paint should last a long time!

Choose the wrong paint, and you risk the finished product looking like it was carried out by a 5-year-old with a blindfold on.

Step 2: The Right Tools for The Job

Residential house painters own a whole host of tools to carry out exterior paint work quickly and efficiently.

These can include:

  • Paint rollers for exterior surfaces
  • Paint roller extension pole
  • Painter’s masking tape
  • Paint brushes
  • Step ladder
  • Dust sheets to protect floors and surrounding areas
  • Old, paint-friendly clothes

Step 3: Prep Your Exterior

In order to achieve good paint adhesion and smooth finish, a clean, contaminant-free surface is required. If paint preparation is not done right, the paint will soon start peeling as it cannot stick to dirty exterior surfaces.

During this step, you will need to thoroughly clean and dry your home’s exterior and get rid of any niggles, bumps, cracks, and imperfections you find along the way.

Step 4: The Masking Tape Trick

Masking tape isn’t just for interior paint jobs – you can use it outdoors, too!

We recommend lining masking tape around all doors and windows that are near or directly adjacent to the exterior walls you’re painting to create clean, strong lines and avoid time-consuming, and in some cases, irreversible mess!

Step 5: The First Coat

Professional Painters- Lone Wolf RenovationsAt last, it’s time to apply the first coat of paint! Take your time, make sure your ladder is secure, and start from the top of the building and work your way down.

An average-sized house typically takes three to four days to paint with a team of two to three people.

Step 6: Let It Dry!

Once your first coat is complete, it’s time for a well-deserved coffee break. Come back when the paint is dry and ready for the next coat.

Step 7: Repeat Until Satisfied!

Generally, you will need to apply a minimum of two to three coats of exterior paint to achieve the desired finish.

Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

That’s why most people hire a professional!

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Painter

  • Experience

One of the main reasons to hire a residential home painting service is because they have the necessary experience and expertise to do the job right.

  • Specialist Tools

Exterior painting isn’t the same as interior painting – it requires different techniques, tools, and materials. Residential exterior painters know how to properly prepare the surface, choose the right paint and primer, and apply the paint in a way that will ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.

  • Longevity

A good paint job will help to seal the surface of your home, making it more resistant to water, wind, and other elements.

  • Time Freedom

Painting the exterior of a house is a big job, and it can take a long time to complete if you do it yourself. Hiring exterior house painting companies can save you time and hassle, leaving you free to do other things.

How Much Does It Cost to Paint the Exterior of a House In New Orleans?

Despite what you might think, affordable exterior house painters DO exist – even in New Orleans!

Here’s a breakdown of the average prices you can expect to pay for exterior house painting in some of the top states in America:

Location  Average Price Per Square Foot
Louisiana $1.20
California  $3.03 
Florida  $3.75
Ohio $2 
Colorado $2.20
New York $3.55

How Do I Find a Reliable House Painter?

The best way to find a reliable residential house painter is by doing your own research!

Check out their before and after photos:

Exterior painting

Make sure they have glowing testimonials:


…and most importantly, make sure they have a customer-first approach, offer honest, upfront pricing, and have a team of experienced and reliable exterior paint experts!

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